Thematic semester on Mathematics, Computer Science and Biology

Written on August 27, 2017

Computer Science and mathematics proposes paradigms which are nowadays fully integrated in life science reseach. Cross fertilization beween disciplines offers new opportunities and allows to explore new research paths. This thematic semester, proposed by CIMI, will explore several aspects of these relationships. This thematic semester is proposed by IRIT and IMT in coordination with other local actors (INSERM, INRA, ITAV, Oncopole, …). It is split into two major axes: data science and modeling.

I will present a practical session with Sébastien Déjean at the Autumn school organized during the thematic semester. This session is proposed by the biostatistics plateform of Toulouse and is entitled “An introduction to network analysis: inference and mining”. It will be held on September 19th. Further information on this page.

Further information about the thematic semester at this link.